Food Now - A Dirty Little Kitchen Secret Exposed

Food Now - A Dirty Little Kitchen Secret Exposed
What's the scariest place in the world?

Try your kitchen. Regardless of how big a neat freak you are, it tends to be the germiest room in the house. All those bacteria, waging their own little war.

Your best defense is common sense: Keep things clean, especially your hands.

Making that job a little easier is the SoapSense Motion Activated Soap Sanitizer Dispenser from Final Touch.

Put your hands under the dispenser and it automatically spurts out soap. An LED light goes on when it's in use (perfect for nighttime) and a drip tray catches any spills.

It comes with a removable container that you can fill with your favorite liquid soap, or even hand sanitizer. And you can adjust the size of the soap bead to small, medium or large.

The dispenser runs on three AA batteries and comes in a trio of stylish color combinations.

Fight the good fight—and win.